Welcome to Zambia!

Pastor Jean Berchamas invited us to open our bibles to Colossians. As he began to unfold God’s Word, tears came to my eyes. In our first few Pathways workshops in Rwanda, Pastor Jean and the other 15 pastors would open their bibles, read a verse, and then launch into stories and exhortations which had little to do with the passage they said they were preaching.

But now, several Pathways workshops later, Pastor Jean (second from left) and the other pastors were handling more accurately God’s Living Word, faithfully keeping their finger in the text. Stories from their churches told of new joy and obedience as God’s Word was preached faithfully, with clarity and relevance. And these 16 pastors were actively passing on what they were learning to other pastors in Rwanda!

These pastors had not lacked love or passion for Jesus. Rather, like so many other pastors around the world, they lacked access to training in how to study and teach God’s Word.

On July 29, I will transition from Lead Pastor of Paseo del Rey Church and become a missionary from Paseo del Rey. It has been a joy and a privilege to shepherd these wonderful people of Paseo del Rey Church for the past 38 years.

Now, God has opened a new door, and I will be focusing my time and attention on training more pastors who will train pastors in Africa. April and I will continue to live in Chula Vista, but I’ll be in Africa more, 3-4 times a year, 3-4 weeks at a time (April will join me on one journey each year).

I will be leading two different Pathways Training Networks. Each Pathways Training Network consists of 16 pastors who prepare for and participate in 9 one-week workshops that span three years. Being together over the three years provides time to nurture trusting relationships that are the bridge for meaningful and lasting discipleship, growth and training. We are launching our first Pathways group in Zambia in May, even before my transition actually occurs.

Paseo del Rey Church is committed to training pastors in Africa with me, and is generously providing a portion of my support for Pathways Africa.

I’d like to invite you to join my Pathways Africa Partnership team, investing in training pastors, like Jean in Africa. I am asking God for a group of partners like you who will pray regularly and financially support my work each month, or with an annual gift, over and above what you are giving your local church.

You can respond by clicking here. Join me in investing in training pastors who train pastors in Africa. Paseo del Rey Church will receive and administer your financial gifts—there are no administrative fees, and as your gifts are given directly to Paseo del Rey Church they are fully tax deductible.

Your partnership will bring a feast of God’s Word to many as together we team to train pastors who train pastors to study and preach God’s Living Word.

I hope and plan to talk personally with many of you individually over the next few months to share more about investing with me in Pathways Africa.