Our Vision

Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed

and who correctly handles the Word of Truth.   

 2 Timothy 2.15

The vision of PathwaysAfrica is to train pastors who train pastors to study, obey and teach God’s life-giving Word

Our training is:

  • Relational – We work with the same small group of about 16 pastors who meet together in three, five-day workshops each year for three years—nine total workshops, with the same PathwaysAfrica workshop leaders—experienced, trained Evangelical Free Church of America pastors from the United States and Great Britain.
  • Interactive – While there is some lecture in the workshops, we believe learning happens best when pastors interact with the materials and each another, practicing with and encouraging one another in what we are learning in each workshop. 
  • Biblical – We use the Bible to teach Bible study skills.  What better way to grow in learning to study the Bible and develop good Bible study skills than studying God’s living Word together?  We want to faithfully preach what the Bible text teaches—that is expository preaching—keeping our finger in the Biblical text! 
  • High level commitment – We ask for a high level of commitment from all, but always with grace.  We expect and challenge our pastors to complete each workshop’s pre-assignment, be present and fully engaged each day at all of the nine workshops, yet understand that sometimes we are sidetracked.
  • Transferable – Everything we do will be transferable, and must be passed on to other pastors, 2 Timothy 2.2.  We see the pastors we train as trainers of others and make it mandatory that each pastor train other pastors with what they are learning before they attend the next workshop. Plus, we always learn better when we are training others.

Here’s an overview of our nine, one week each, PathwaysAfrica Workshops. Each workshop builds on the previous workshop, reviewing and reinforcing these Bible study tools and skills:

1.   Jonah Workshop: The Bible Pathway, Careful Bible Study, Context

2.  2 Timothy Workshop: Asking Questions, Preaching Statement, Staying on the Line, Application Statement

3.  Genesis Workshop: Sections, Pre-understanding, Flow of the Message

4.  The Bible’s Salvation Story Workshop:Understanding the Bible’s Salvation Story

5.  Psalms Workshop: Poetic Tools, Sections: Psalms, The Salvation Story in Psalms

6.  Mark Workshop: Literary Types, Sections: Mark, Parables

7.  Romans Workshop: Linking Words, Sections, Preaching Tools

8.  Habakkuk Workshop: Putting It All Together in an Old Testament Book Study

9.  Colossians Workshop: Putting It All Together in a New Testament Book Study